My Birthday Cards ’12

A few more cards have arrived, well worth the wait! Margie’s has arrived fine but Michelle’s arrived with the rain! I’ll add the last two photos asap…

Thanks Chloe

Thanks Sarah S

Thanks Amanda

My birthday has come and gone and still I’m receiving fantastic cards from the ladies is the Birthday Card Club. Many thanks to all for the time and effort taken. The results are inspiring.

Thanks Tara

Thanks Lesley

Thanks Lorrae

Thanks Kristina

Thanks Debra

Thanks Jody

Thanks Rochelle

Thanks Sue, I was wondering hoe to do the shape cards and now I have a sample to go from! You must of read my mind! ha ha…

APRIL 2012: I have joined a Birthday Card group that encourages snail mail cards! So as my Birthday is coming closer I am receiving cards already! I’d thought you’d might like to share the excitement and creativity coming my way!

First to arrive is this one is from Ailsa and the inside is just as clever as the front!

Next is from Angie, the AAAs must be on the ball as my birthday is not until Sunday!! Angie has gone for soft colours, so I hope the photo turned out okay…

I’ll add more as they come in…


2 Responses to My Birthday Cards ’12

  1. Margie Dore says:

    Have you recieved mine yet Sarah it was posted here on the 30th March so I think the snail got lost sent same time as Debra’s

    • stampwithsarah says:

      Sorry Margie but the only one I haven’t posted is from Amanda. I was waiting to see if any more came in… perhaps the Easter bunny took it for a trip around the country! I’ll let you know when it lands here! Thanks

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